Top 10 Liquors And Why You should Drink Them

Nigeria is a country with great talents and hard working people from all spheres of life who always strive on achieving success amidst tight social-economic conditions. Another unique quality of Nigerians, is the fact that they take their time to ease off their stress especially on weekends. When you need a change of taste in wine and liquor consumption, these are the top Liquor you should drink in Nigeria.

  1. Remy Martin Xo Cannes: Rémy Martin XO is composed of eau-de-vie exclusively from the highest-quality vineyards of Cognac, the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne regions. Such eau-de-vie offer exceptional potential and are known as Cognac Fine Champagne. The exclusive selection of grapes that make up the heart and soul of cognac, combined with the unique know-how of the cellar masters creates a one-of-a-kind aromatic intensity.
  2. Absolut Vodka Blue: This Swedish Vodka is now the number one selling vodka in the world. Introduced in 1879 as an absolutely pure vodka which used a new distilling process called rectification. The clear bottle is styled after an old Swedish medicine bottle. Made from locally grown wheat and well-water from the town of Ahus in southern Sweden. Smooth and light-bodied with some licorice flavours.
  3. Moet Gold Magnum: Moet Imperial is an extremely accomplished assemblage of the most diverse selection of crus in champagne, The color is an elegant golden straw yellow with amber highlights. Its aromas reveal an exotic fruitiness – yellow peach, plum, pineapple and honey – with floral nuances (lime blossom) and elegant blond notes (brioche and fresh nuts).
  4. Hennessy V.S.O.P: Inspired by a cognac created in the 18th century, Hennessy V.S.O.P has built its reputation across nearly 2 centuries and has become established as the world’s favourite V.S.O.P cognac, and is recognized for its harmonious and well mixed blend of natural ingredients. Just in case you wondered how the Hennessy tasted and felt from the point it’s in the bottle to the point it goes down your belly then you should know that on the nose, the first fragrances perceived are soft spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. Then delicate toasted notes follow, arising from the maturation in oak barrels. Another thing you should know is the highlight of tasting Hennessy V.S.O.P is the long-lasting finish, revealing the natural balance of the blend which is the superior cognac.
  5. Chevas Regal 25 Years: It is a very sophisticated whiskey, wonderful aroma and a sensuous taste. The phrase “Quality does not come cheap” is certainly needed here, this is without doubt one of the best whiskeys.
  6. Dom Perignon Champagne: Dom Pérignon was the 17th century Benedictine monk who has gone down in history as the person who “invented” Champagne. His name was originally registered by Eugène Mercier. He sold the brand name to Moët & Chandon, which used it as the name for its prestige cuvée, which was first released in 1937.

    A rigorous selection process in both the vineyard and winery ensures that only the best grapes go into Dom Pérignon champagne. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are used in roughly equal proportions without one variety dominating the other.

    In its youth, Dom Pérignon shows incredibly smooth, creamy fruit with perfect balance and weight. As it ages, it takes on wonderfully toasty aromas and a finesse equalled by very few of the other Grandes Marques.

  7. Jack Daniels Single Barrel:  The nose offers maple syrup, caramel sauce, and a little barrel char. On the body, it doesn’t drink like something that is 2/3rds alcohol. In fact, it really needs no water at all to be approachable, though less seasoned whiskey drinkers may want to add a splash. The palate is rich with more of that caramel, butterscotch, a touch of cloves and a lengthy, vanilla-fueled finish.
  8. Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon: Frontera cabernet sauvignon is filled with Aromas of fresh red fruits, plums and blackcurrant, together with toasted notes highlighting coffee and chocolate. It is medium bodied with fine tannins and a long and persistent finish. This strong Cabernet Sauvignon goes great with grilled meats, cheeses and pastas. Want to try something new? Why not make a jar of `Happy Place Sangria’ cocktail with a bottle of Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon. So are you in Nigeria planning your next event wedding etc frontera cabernet sauvignon is a perfect companion.
  9. Escudo Rojo Red Wine: Escudo Rojo, Wine, is a Chilean wine 100% committed to the pursuit of quality. The expression of the terroir and the technical mastery makes it a wine rich in aromas and matter :suppleness, elegance, harmony. This Escudo Rojo Wine, is a certified organic red wine, made to charm modern wine lovers: it comes from vines cultivated with only natural products and it has an elegant design that reminds haute couture. The wine is another event planner you will always need.
  10. Patron XO Cafe Tequila: Patron XO Café, is an exquisite blend of premium Patron Silver tequila and pure natural essence of the finest coffee, created in the hills of Jalisco, Mexico (an area renowned for its abilities to produce the finest tequila in the world). Patron XO Café has unique flavours of rich, dark freshly-roasted coffee with hints of vanilla, coffee and light tequila making it a more intense coffee tequila rather than standard sweet coffee liqueurs. The colour is a dark rich brown with an aroma of fresh coffee with notes of chocolate and vanilla. Patron XO Café is extremely versatile, excellent for sipping and the low sugars make it brilliant as a premium cocktail ingredient, or as a unique and delicious dessert topping.

The list goes on and on but I will stop at this for now, go grab any of the top drinks you should drink in Nigeria here offering high quality products at affordable prices with convenient delivery options. Drop your comments and let me know what you think about the list.



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