Top Happening Nightclubs in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos is the Centre of vibes and entertainment in Nigeria. Whether you are coming from a different part of the country North, South West or East and by chance find yourself in Lagos and need to party hard with the alcohol drink of your choice and enjoy yourself to the peak, this is a compilation of the highly-rated night clubs in Lagos at the moment.

  1. Quilox: Quilox nightclub is an all-encompassing nightlife experience, filled with a variety of experiences and atmospheres. The stunning space gives guests a reason to explore beyond the main floor, and every level has its own energy. The club has a reserved VIP and VVIP section just to give guests some sense of exclusivity. You can also enjoy variety of drinks. It is situated along Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos
  2. The Place: For those craving a super-charged, DJ-driven atmosphere, the place by Pappas as it is popularly called is the place to see and be seen. The nightclub’s design provide for a nice view full with excitements, fun and lots of alcohol drinks. For guests seeking ultra-VIP treatment, the nightclub offers nice VIP sections depending on your choice, each featuring its unique service. Also, there is a LED television that displays the real MVPS for the night. You really need to be there to experience so much fun far from description
  1. Sip: Sip has a nice atmosphere, perfectly designed and structured. DJs lead the charge with avant-garde sounds. At Sip, no two nights out are ever the same, but they’re all unforgettable, Enjoy your whiskey in a sound atmosphere.
  1. Club 57: Guests at club 57 never know who they might see also taking in the view: recent celebs who have visited the clubs makes the club to rank high and feature on this exclusive list. You will have access to variety of music to suit everyone, you also have wide range of ladies depending on your choice and plan for the night. Alcohol is also available at affordable cost, If you are yet to visit Club 57 and you are in Lagos, you can simply put it on the to-do list the next time you visit Lagos. Am sure you will thank me later
  1. Escape Night club: if you are looking for a place to ease off the stress and enjoy yourself to pulp with nice drinks and good music then you might consider escape night club.

With this list, you will have fun at its peak, guys it’s party time, let’s get down.


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