Electricity Payment Just Got Easier In Nigeria

Imagine you ran out of power and you are in urgent need of electricity, what comes to mind is you have to get to where you can make payment so that you can have power that could take time 30 minute to one hour depending on the location of the payment center.

Imagine another scenario you ran out of power and all you need to do is pick your phone tap on an app insert your details and make payment. which of this scenario will you prefer no doubt is the second one.

Most people find it uncomfortable leaving their businesses behind to go purchase their electricity units (pin) and it is very embarrassing coming home with your friends to find out that your prepaid meter units have been exhausted.

That is where efactory.com.ng comes in efactory  bring buying Electricity with ease and speed is what this service provides. Paying invoice has never been easier.

If you are a PHCN Customer and you are looking to pay your electricity bill or getting a prepaid meter without leaving the comfort of your house to face the long queue at the payment office or designated banks, efactory is the solution you need.

Efactory is the biggest electricity vending machine in Nigeria. Download the app on your android and iphones from app store and google play and enjoy easy payment online.


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