What You Don’t Know About The Electronic Payment Platform

Electronic payment platforms such as QuickTeller  e-Tranzact, and Paga etc are only a handful of the dominant players in Nigeria. Collectively, they have made financial transactions much easier, eliminating the need for consumers to join long queues in the bank. Yet this problem is not totally eliminated and persist when it comes to electricity payment.

The market is saturated with payment software whose functionalities are oftentimes too similar to tell apart. Efactory one of such electronic payment platforms owned by First milcom solution’s, is standing out from the crowd.

Image result for buy electricity in nigeria
Buy Electricity In Nigeria (efactory)

Efactory app provide you an opportunity to pay for electricity at the comfort of your bedroom. All you need to do is download the app to your phone enter your meter number and credit your wallet boom and you have light its as simple as that. With efactory app you can make payment, check your electricity usage monthly, and check your wallet balance.

We are all aware how difficult it can be getting a meter from the electricity distribution company, well Efactory  is partnering international companies and local companies so that they can provide meter to all the houses in an estate, then provide electricity. How sweet does that sound you will agree with me very sweet.

Therefore, Estate owner should contact efactory for electricity partnership you can send a mail to support@efactory.com.ng efactory will be available to all the state in Nigeria.



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