This Is Why You Should Drink Vodka

Vodka is a drink which originated in Eastern Europe, the name stemming from the Russian word ‘voda’ meaning water or, as the Poles would say ‘woda

For a number of centuries, this drink has been there quite differently from what it is today. This attributes to the fact that during earlier times, the spirits was originally used as a medication and was quite different with respect to its aroma, appearance and flavor present today.

Apart from being a hangout drink, the medicinal relation of vodka which existed in the early years of its existence has also been appreciated by the modern world and is used as a medicinal remedy attributing to its positive effects in a range of health conditions.

Vodka is a colourless, odourless and flavourless drink, Vodka is extremely popular among men and women. It’s no pomegranate juice, but when taken in moderate amounts (35-40 ml), vodka can be healthy.

Health Benefit

Helps you lose weight – If losing weight is your intention, then vodka can be a reasonable alcohol choice. According to USDA Data Nutrient Laboratory, Vodka is carbohydrate-free and has only 64 calories per ounce. The trick is to use it neat or with sugar-free juices.

Reduces stress – Alcohol in general, tends to have a relaxing effect on you. However, according to a 1997 study in the ‘Journal of Psychopharmacology’, Vodka reduces stress more effectively than the alcohol-equivalent of red wine. Another advantage of having Vodka drinks is that it won’t give you a hangover as opposed to Whisky.

Relieves toothache – Swishing little amount of vodka may be just a shot around an aching tooth may prove useful. Letting some of the vodka get absorbed in the gums may help in reducing the pain in the infected area. When mixed with cinnamon in specific quantities it works as an effective mouthwash and cures bad breath.

Healthy skin and hair – Vodka may come to your service as a beauty aid. It works wonderfully well on the skin and help cleanse the pores and tighten them attributing to its astringent properties. It has been found quite useful and is included in a variety of botanical beauty stuff such as cleansers, toners and anti-acne products. It promotes healthy hair growth by cleansing the scalp and eliminating toxins from the hair.

For Heart Disease – Vodka assists in developing collateral vessels, which aid in efficient blood circulation. More collateral vessels signify more pathways for oxygen. They also help in reducing the risk of hardening of artery walls.

Medicinal benefits – It’s a known fact that Vodka is used in herbal medicine to make tinctures. Since Vodka is odourless and flavourless, it allows the tincture to take on the flavour of the herbs. These tinctures can be taken orally or can be used topically as a mild anaesthetic.

We are concerned about our readers therefore we are giving this reminder, to consume Vodka moderately. Heavy drinking  may cause serious health issues.

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