Electricity Prepaid Meter Solution For Your Estate

Submetering can make a big difference in how you use, manage and pay for electricity. Whether you’re a property owner, manager, or resident, efactory offers you a platform that allows you to take control of your energy costs.

Utilities worldwide are deploying submetering solution provide consumers better visibility into their energy consumption, to enable demand response to reduce peak load, to manage voltage to reduce energy consumption, and to enable new customer offerings like time-of-use billing and prepayment. Efactory have been shown to provide benefits to both consumers and utilities, and are helping utilities address modern energy challenges.

Efactory can manage the utility lifecycle, from hardware and installation, to reporting, billing and ongoing customer service. For residents, this means a painless transition to submetering and responsive customer service.

Efactory is purpose-built to enhance utility payment, the applications provides utilities a way to bring the most advanced capabilities to their customers. This is how it works

Prepaid electricity meters all set to kick start in Pune

  • A prepaid meter is installed in the consumer’s premises
  • The consumer purchases a token (a voucher for electricity) from Efactory app and enters this into their meter
  • The electricity supply is activated when the meter is loaded with credit
  • As the consumer uses electricity, the credit in the meter decreases
  • When the credit gets low, the consumer simply purchases a new token and receives more electricity
  • Should the consumer not purchase a new token, the electricity supply is suspended until a new token is put into the meter

Efactory platform brings Metering solution capabilities to utilities in a unique way that provides utilities flexibility and security with the lowest total cost.

For property owners and managers, estate developers, it means you’ll spend less time managing multiple submetering on the property and building and more time enjoying the benefits of efficient energy use. This can be a very good features added  to the property considering how difficult it is getting prepaid meter and managing it.



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