5 Alcohol Drinking Habit That Can Boost Your Health

Whether it’s at a glass of wine after-work happy hour, or partying on your birthday or even a beer with dinner, many of us enjoy a drink often a time. While the research on alcohol and health has been a little confusing, especially with a recent study in the journal BMJ citing excess alcohol consumption for as much as 10 percent of cancer cases in men and 3 percent in women — most health professionals agree that when enjoyed in moderation, alcohol does offer some health benefits. Let consider some of the alcoholic drinks that can boost and increase your health and life span if taken in moderation.


One study says one to three glasses of champagne per week can delay the onset of brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. so instead of taking junks grab a bottle of champagne. And if you have a reason to celebrate, champagne is a drink to consider.

2.  Gin

Juniper berries are a main ingredient in gin, which is known for its diuretic properties.
The gin can help your body release extra salt and water, but that benefit will be negated if you mix your gin with fizzy seltzer water. but if gin is taken straight it could be beneficial health wise.

3. Red Wine 

Red wine can raise your body’s HDL, which is the “good” type of cholesterol.

4. Vodka

Bad breath can be eliminated by gargling with a shot of vodka. The alcohol content kills the germs that cause the nasty smell.

5. Drink Responsibly

Over drinking can lead to liver damage, and some suggest too much alcohol can contribute to cancer. Moderate drinking is commonly defined as one drink per night for women or two drinks for men.

We will appreciate your views and ideas regarding this. share your views in the comment box.



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