Campari CEO Backs Skyy Vodka As They Unveils Innovation Campaign

The campaign, called Make Every Day, aims to encourage individuals to “revolutionise” the world around them.

The essence of Make Every Day started with the idea of creating. A simple concept that is part of the innovation DNA was used to shot it full of colour, life, and relevance for today’s world.

Skyy is a combination of two stories,” according to Kunze-Concewitz. “There’s the core market, where the brand is outperforming its historical peers but is being impacted like every single vodka brand in market by two brands – one attacking from the top and the other one from below.”

While the Americas posted 30.9% growth in the first quarter of its financial year, with the US accounting for 30.1% of total group sales, the results were “partially offset” by Skyy’s performance.

“We’re in the business of focusing on spirits brands and brands with high gross margins, so if any of our brands are under-performing we will look at turning them around rather than selling them,” he said.

“Let’s give it time and consistency – the time to prove us right,” he said, adding that the weakness in the US is being compensated by strong growth in international markets, particularly South America, Africa and Asia Pacific


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