What You Should Never Eat Or Drink Before Sex

The food we eat can affect our sex drive in both a positive and negative way, so it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to getting some action. Food can have an incredible impact on our lives, affecting not only our physical health but our emotional wellbeing too.  There are plenty of foods to avoid if we planing to have sex tonight.


  •  Dairy food such as yogurt milk cheese etc. Dairy food generally is a libido killer. For many dairy is congesting and mucus-producing, so not the ideal way to feel before sex.
  •  Hot Dogs The high saturated content of hot dogs can clog up the vaginal and penile arteries, making this the least romantic handheld treat around. All processed foods are a no for libido. Hot dogs are a very processed food in an overly processed bun that provides very little nutrition.
  •  Red Meat Delicious with a glass of red wine (which you should avoid), consuming red meat causes your insides to work harder, tiring your body out before a night sex.
  •  Gum or Peppermint This confectionery can give you fresh breath before a kiss, but the act of chewing without swallowing can make you bloated as you swallow air. Gum will also trick your stomach into thinking food is coming, releasing enzymes that can lead to gastric problems. The peppermint flavour in gum is known to release testosterone which may lower libido in men.
  •  Energy Drinks: These drinks are often full of sugar and nasties such as artificial colours and flavours. They may give you an instant energy lift, which may increase endurance and stamina, but this may be short-lived.
  •  Tonic Water: This drink often contains quinine which is used as a flavouring agent in tonic water and some       other beverages. ‘Quinine has been used as an anti-malarial agent, but it’s been linked to a decrease in sexual   function, so avoid before sex,’ Ms Bauskis said.
  •  Read Wine: Red wine in moderation red wine may increase blood flow, whilst relaxing you and lowering your inhibitions. But if you drink it much your libido will be dead.

You can add to the list if you have ideas i will love to hear from you.


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